Hillary Biscay’s “Space Boots”

You can listen to us tell you about the RecoveryBoots all day long.  We’ll tell you about how pneumatic(air) compression increases tissue pressure, which then increases the absorption rate of all the waste in the muscle (carbon dioxide, calcium, lactic acid, etc.). We would then go on to describe how the RecoveryBoots help your leg muscles to recover faster than the body can do alone simply by increasing circulation, and further note that studies on sequential pneumatic compression in relation to sports performance, have found that using a device like the RecoveryBoots for 1-2 hrs., is equivalent to the amount of muscle recovery one may get in a total state of rest (picture sitting on the couch) in 12-48hrs.  We can go on and on about how this medical grade device helps your muscles to recover but the truth is, sometimes it’s just more interesting to hear it from the Pros.

Hillary Biscay has been using the RecoveryBoots for almost a year now and over that time she’s been inundated with questions about these funny looking “Space Boots”.  To read more about her personal experience with the Boots and find out when she’s using them and how often click here.